Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skiing in the Alps: 24/2/2011

     My last day of skiing was a spectacular end to my visit in the Alps. On the other hand, I had another bad morning. My group usually woke up around the same time, yet Règine and I are always the first people to be ready and waiting outside the door. Floureen and Shephin were 45 minutes late and my group members were not in the best of spirits. I was not one to hold a grudge and I didn't. I still felt frustrated with them because I didn't want to waste my time waiting; I had an urge to ski myself to exhaustion and my legs were quaking in anticipation.
     During the day I skied like a rock star from beginning to end. After analyzing the skiing technic everyday I finally felt confident and in control. Once in a while I still landed on my back, but I always got back up again. My group members lead us toward the black pistes. My control over my skies were well disciplined, yet the black pistes had a strong impression on me. The slopes were too steep and the busts were too narrow. When I stumbled down the hill I felt like I was falling off a cliff.
     We stopped in hourly breaks and ate our homemade sandwiches together around lunch time and drank our last hot chocolate made from the Alps. When Floureen and Stephin ordered the drinks there was some confusion. Floureen was waiting inside the restaurant while Stephin asked everyone what they wanted to drink as we sat on the deck. I asked for a hot lemon drink when Stephin offered to buy us all a round of drinks. Floureen set the drinks on the table and I grabbed my cup. Floureen was surprised because she ordered me a hot chocolate instead and so I was drinking her order. I felt bad and attempted to give it back to her, but she refused out of courtesy. Not knowing what to do, I grabbed the lemon floating in my drink and placed it in my mouth. A surge of sour lemon juice filled my mouth and my face tensed in pain. The others looked at me in curiosity as I switched drinks with Floureen nonverbally. In this way, I showed them that the lemon drink was too powerful for me and that I was willing to drink the sugary hot chocolate with pleasure.
       Victor, being the generous man I found him to be, bought me a small glass of wine fabricated with a special plant form the mountain. The first sip I tasted burned my throat and I started having a coughing attack. It was the strongest drink I have tasted! The minutes passed by and my chest still burned from the wine. I couldn't finish the small portion given to me and passed the glass of wine to Règine. We finished our lunch and slipped down the hill one by one. Fred was skiing too fast again and passed the ski lift we were going to use. Marrie skied after Fred, however, Floureen and JohnLuke were already sitting on the ski lift being transported to the next mountain. Victor, Règine, and I were left to ourselves to take the original lift. After a long and confusing investigation, we found each other and skied united until 5 o'clock.
     The moment I pulled my skies off my feet, Floureen and Stephin lead me to the ski rental store to return our ski gear. It was as hot as an oven inside the heated room with multiple people streaming in and out. The heat made me feel tired and I gave all my ski gear to Floureen and Stephin to help me return them.
     Finally, after a long and extenuating ski return process, we finished. The chores, on the other hand, was still left to be taken care of. To save time to leave early the next morning, we packed our luggage and loaded them into the car. Fred and I walked the dog to get some fresh air and to take a break. When we returned and came through the door,  Fred walked straight over to the television. His mom called out to him and Fred stood up to look for her. Fred did not see the dog who rested near his feet and he tripped and fell: his chin collided with the edge of the counter. An expression of pain transformed his face and he cried out in agony. Marrie came to his aid and all the while she reprimanded him for hurting himself.
     Fred eventually recovered and a big red mark was left on his jaw. For our last supper, Règine brought out the leftovers and we chowed on what was in the cupboards. Marrie brought over her computer to show us a slide show of all the pictures we took since the day we arrived. The slide show didn't finish until late into the night and we went to sleep knowing that tomorrow was going to be an early departure.        
    My last day of vacation in the Alps started late, however, I still had a long day worth of skiing, socializing, and backing my bags. I felt like I mastered skiing following a week of training from watching others and experiencing it for myself. Every once in a while we still stopped to take breaks and to eat a plentiful, homemade lunch. My last hot chocolate from the Alps tasted as pleasant as the first one I bought the first day of my arrival. At our return to the hotel, we packed our bags and went to bed late to rediscover our adventure with the photo slide show Marrie placed on her computer.

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