Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skiing in the Alps: 25/2/2011

     Règine shook me awake and told me it was time to get up. The clock next to me read 4:00 a.m. and I groaned in fatigue. Marrie was bustling about like her energetic self as usual with Règine following suit. Fred and I decided to try to enjoy the confort of our beds as long as possible until the adults strongly suggested we get a move on.
     An hour after checking out we were on the road and I was sleeping in the car. Every once in a while I had to change positions because car seats are not the most comfortable to sleep in. When 10:00 o'clock came around my body started to wake up and I listened to the CD that Stephin played the first day of our trip. A machine above the radio would randomly announce "radar" or other phrases in french I was uncertain of. Stephin explained that the machine announced when a radar gun on the high way was in close proximity. In Franch and in other countries, the radar guns are stationed on the roads and take pictures of cars that disobey the speed limit. I believed that Stephins investment in the machine was a good idea until I learned he paid for it each month. I suppose if a person speeds a lot the machine is worth its value compared to the prevention of obtaining speeding tickets.
     Once back in Belgium Stephin drove us to Règines parents house. We socialized and stayed to eat lunch before leaving. Floureen lived with her grandparents and we bud her farewell. The weather was not the most encouraging, so I kept indoors the rest of the day and recovered from my skiing extravaganza. The next day was school and thinking about working after a long vacation was not the most encouraging of thoughts. Knowing that my friends would be waiting for me the next day gave me the stigma to put myself at ease.
     My ski group and I left the Alps early to come back home early and to visit with Règines parents. The day started early at an unnatural time. The car ride gave me time to recover the lost sleep and to enjoy the french music. We were not stopped by any police due to the machine that Stephin kept next to him, warning him of any sign of radars or police cars. After our safe journey, we relaxed and spend the last day of carnival vacation being lazy as long as we could before returning to our normal working lives the next day.

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