Thursday, March 8, 2012

Superficial Classmates

     A week ago I got a new hair cut and restyled my hair to try a new look. The following school day I noticed an attitude change with my classmates and family toward me. Everyone was suddenly affectionate to me evoked by my hair. Unknown people who I never held a conversation with walked up to be and gave me bisous or started a conversation with me. Also, a few boys in my class tried to hit on me. The unexpected attention was overwhelming. It's sad to discover that  people were reacting to me due to my physic and not my personality. I do not deny that the human body corresponds with a part of a persons personality, however, the physical being does not reveal the whole of a person. I feel I have learned a hard lesson and will try to live by higher morals and standards that are not based solely on the way someone styles their hair.

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