Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Dog Loves Shoes

     My first host sister, Louisa, and I took Lady, my first host family's short golden orange dog, and my first host grandparent's dog for a walk. Convieniently, my first host grandparents live next door to my first host family and Louisa and I went to search for him. The grandparents were on vacation and we let ourselves in. The dog was sitting on a chair chewing on a sandale. Louisa and I tried to convince the dog to unlock his jaws on the shoe, but he wouldn't budge. We gave up after our 10 minute of exertion. While we walked down the street, Louisa, the dog, and I had our shoes with us. I looked down at my first host grandparents dog and smiled as he galloped with the oversized shoe hanging from the corner of his mouth. Even when we finished our walk, Louisa insisted that she needed to remove the shoe from the dog's death grip. She tried everything from offering the dog treats to lifting up the shoe in the air with the dog latched on, suspended in the air. Lots of time passed and I gave up and sat on the road watching my first host sister continue her struggle with the dog. When all hope was almost lost, a cat came into view and the dog immediately dropped the sandale and ran after the house cat. With the problem solved we caught the dog, put him back in the house, then went home next door to eat chocolate cake. I suppose the hour we spent together was worth it because we were together wasting time.It was also hilarious that my host grandparents dog went for a stroll with a shoe.

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