Friday, March 16, 2012

The Walloon Language

     while I was watching the television with my family the other night, an emission about Wisconsin appeared. The story intrigued me because I come from the state of Wisconsin and I wanted to watch something about the United States. The channels on my host parents television usually revolves around Belgium or France; on top of that, it's in french. The news article talked about the generation of people from the Belgian immigrants who moved to Lincoln, Wisconsin. The American citizens who descended from Belgian immigrants still spoke english, but kept their Walloon language as well. In France and Belgium, the citizens speak french, however, an old language called Walloon is spoken in Belgium as well (besides dutch in the northern part of the country). People have described the Walloon language to me as a shake spear version of speaking in french. My host grandparents understand and speak Wallonie; the younger generations do not. The Walloon language is slowly dying, yet it's still spoken in my home state. The history lesson was important to me because it revealed that even though the world is a big place, immigrants can keep a piece of them wherever they go.

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