Friday, May 11, 2012

Contamination of Sanitation

     Since the first day I used the public bathrooms at my Belgian school, I have noticed something peculiar and quite disgusting; almost none of the students wash their hands after using the bathroom! St. Rock is a strict catholic school and it has high standards for all its students: education wise. With this in mind, I ask myself, "how can intelligent and bright students ignore the basic sanitation rules?" Many possible reasons apply. The students could be cumulatively lazy. A group of students may have decided they didn't have time to stop at the sink and clean their hands and others followed suit, creating a domino effect. The uncleanliness could be caused by the lack of paper towels, usually stationed by the sink, and soap in the soap dispensers, defeating their purpose. Or, students override this important ritual to sustain their natural needs; the weather is often cold and wet hands are sensitive to its terror. Whatever reason, I am horrified to touch another student's hand. Perhaps Belgians have decided to use Bisous to compensate. They avoid hand contact and instead use their faces to greet one another: prevention from hand contamination.