Monday, June 4, 2012

Minnesotan Chicken Wild Rice Soup

     I finally did it! The Minnesotan Chicken Wild Rice Soup recipe I have saved in my backpack was used. As a gift from my host family's from me, I gave them each a packet of black wild rice. Belgians are not familiar with this typical rice in the Minnesotan and Wiscosin region. It was my wish to present a special dish from my country to them, however, with all the activities and busy schedules, I missed the chance to cook it for my first two host families. The packet of black rice still rest in their cupboards in the most probability. I couldn't say the same for my third host family.

      During the weekend I made the Minnesotan Chicken Wild Rice Soup as my little 12 year old host brother cooked his ├ęclair. It took me around 2 or 3 hours to finish preparing the meal, yet it was worth it. At first, my host family examined my soup as if it was an alien specimen. The Belgains are more habituated with soup that is more liquid, whereas my soup had more consistency from the mushrooms, chicken, black rice, carrots, and celery. With a little encouragement they tasted my creation; the result: a happy family with full stomachs replenished with my soup.

      My host family is generally hard to please when it comes to food and my host brothers always critic my host moms meals. My recipe was only received with delight and marvel. Olivier, my little host brother, never eats mushrooms and he ate the whole bowl before I revealed to him the secret ingredients. He pretended he was choking to death after this epiphany (he didn't die, no worries). We continued our slow eventing and ate Olivier's ├ęclair as a desert.

      I have to keep in mind that my first two host families still have not tasted this luxury and I hope to get the chance before I leave Belgium July 28th. My soup is a little taste of home I miss and I will never cease to present it to others with the pleasureful chance of meeting my acquaintance.